Continuous software testing.

Eliminate flaky results

Tired of the cumbersome legacy test frameworks, we set out to design nimble and continuous integration ready alternatives. Our passion for software test simplicty has forced us away from industry standard testing solutions and has lead us to respond with a more modern approach. Todays SaaS platforms are built using the Javascript programming language, so it only made sense for us to base our testing tools on it as well. Our test scripts are written in Typescript, a powerful and well structured type system. Typescripts resemblance to Java makes it easy for any developer to pick up.

Easy to maintain

The problem with Java based test tools is that they're all extremely outdated, heavy and painful to scale over time. Our testing frameworks are designed with modularity in mind. We strive to eliminate unnecessary framework management.

Daily test results

Test reports can be provided once or mutiple times a day. Bugs are reported through a visual kanban style ticketing system, which will be the bridge between our team and your developers. Test results are reported in real-time via slack notifications, optional visual reports are also provided for the not so tech savvy.

Continuous testing

Tests are integrated into a privately shared repository, which is then pushed into a virtual test environment in the cloud. Each test build will run concurrently across multiple browsers. Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge being the most popular used today. Our parallelization techniques play a major role in reducing the amount of time it takes to complete sequential regression test builds.

Test automation solutions