# Made in the USA

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# Our mission

Knit was born in sunny south Florida, made up of software engineers from all walks of life. We've come together to fill a void in software test automation. The common problem we all noticed as Javascript developers was the lack of understanding or support for Javascript testing within the industry.

Although the majority of web applications are written in Javascript, we noticed a common issue when it came to testing. Companies would fall back on a completely different language or use a third party testing platform all together. Really making no sense to the developer. Mainly because now they have to set time apart to learn a new platform or run into test management inconsistencies with a differnet language. Ultimately taking up more time and resources.

So, we set out on a mission change the industry norm. Our testing services are developer friendly and lightweight. The testing tools we use are easy to implement and manage. Our process has been carefully thought-out with continuous testing in mind.